Tata Rio De Goa – Perfect Setting For Holiday Homes

Time has gone when Goa was only known for its beaches & multiethnic lifestyle, now Goa is also known for its world-class residential projects & holidays homes, thanks to the real estate developers like Tata Housing Goa and their residential project Tata Rio De Goa. This residential project in Goa brings new luxury lifestyle in the form of 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK, 2 BHK Small, 2 BHK Large, 2 BHK Extra Large and 2 BHK Super Large Apartments in 14 towers of 8 floors and each of them are conceptualized smartly to provide capacious space to enjoy homes with river facing view and from where you can enjoy all hot spots that are important to discover in day to day life and fortunately, they are within the few meters diameter.


At here you have to understand one thing, that investment in a residential property is not a joke. So you need to be really very attentive and choose only that property which offers you lucrative profits or appreciations to grow financially and personally.

As Goa is one of the most desired destinations for all tourist so that means every year this place enjoys heavy footfalls of tourists from different places and for their stay, of course, they look for a convenient place where they can have the home like feeling. At here you can use this property as a holiday home and enjoy excellent rental income and when you want to enjoy your holiday in Goa then your own holiday home in Goa at here is waiting for you, as well as you can use it as your retirement home.

As you know, location is the king in every residential property and that is because it decides the value of the property and other than this, advantageous location means that all important spots are the commutable distance away so traveling will not a suffer for you. For any end users location is important and as much as, Tata Rio De Goa also knows as Tata Goa Paradise situated next to MES College Dabolim, South GOA, the proposed project is in close proximity to Goa International Airport and pleasant Zuari River one of the best location in Goa and having property here is completely like having a dream home that can offer numerous advantages in the future.

In last few words, Tata Rio De Goa or Tata Goa Paradise is actually a paradise for the investors & end users and have a modern based property that will be a perfect choice for today’s generation. So, don’t waste the time and pick this property for the best possible use of money for you and your family.


Tata Housing Goa: Home Of Luxuries

Denial is the worst part that one has to face in their life. Sometimes we get denied from someone and sometimes we deny something or someone. We all at some point in life are facing this thing. Okay, let’s take some of the examples where we see denial. Being in a relationship with someone and denying that it no more exits, denial to one can be healthy, denial of getting tired of life and things, someone denied your home make you feel bad, but somewhere not accepting the truth adds on negativity in people.

Tata Housing Goa
Tata Housing Goa

But there is always a way to stay away from all the negativities and giving no reason for others to deny you, getting you in the dupe of positivity. A home is a place where you can get this positivity in abundance and can stay away from negativity.

Also, the change in environment is something that can actually take you away from all the negativity. And what can be better than Goa? The location where the mix of water and sand, endless music, freaking living etc. is enjoyable. This is the place where your living easiness gets double and the relaxation you get over here is not obtainable anywhere else.

Tata Goa Paradise is the new housing option that has come way far to make you settled and to make your life comfortable. Here the mix of 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments are offered where few units are facing Zuari River while some can enjoy the sunset view. Every unit here is impeccable and so richly prepared that you won’t repent for even a second of choosing it.

Tata Housing Rio De Goa
Tata Housing Rio De Goa

Also, it is strategically positioned in Sancoale Goa, Goa Paradise is bedecked by a serene ambiance next to the MES College Dabolim. Tata Housing make sure that you get the best of both worlds as you enjoy the peace of living in one of the compatible neighborhoods of Goa and still remain connected to the rest of the world with the Mormugao Railway Station only a few kilometres away, Goa International Airport is in easy access and surrounded by many reputed schools & institutes, hospitals, and famous beaches a stone’s throw away.

What else you need? Go for Tata Goa Paradise now, so that nobody will ever feel of denying you.

Tata Goa Paradise Construction Updates

It won’t be an overstatement if we saying that Dabolim in Goa is a sort of region that needs no introduction. I have, in my several trips to Goa often visit here. A stroll through this undisputed haven in Goa, studded with numerous landmarks like MES College, BITS Pilani Campus, Zuari Industrial Setup, Defense Setup etc. Tata Housing Goa Paradise is creating luxury spaces in smaller sizes to make possible own an address at Dabolim, South GOA.

With a name for utilizing design of global standard and World class material for their home units. Tata Housing has showcased an advanced lifestyle in an already established locality, through Goa Paradise.


Tata Goa Paradise includes an array of apartments with total saleable area ranging from 515 – 2125 sq. ft. The project consists of 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK, 2 BHK, 2 BHK (Large), 3 BHK River Facing, 3 BHK (Dual Key) River Facing and 3 BHK Dual Key (Large) River Facing, spread over 4.82 acres with 14 towers. It is a welcome opportunity to live this classy neighborhood.

Construction Updates of Tata Goa Paradise

Tower 3 & 4: PCC works in progress.

Tower 5 & 6: Forting & Stub Column works in progress

Tower 7: Footing, Stub-Column & RE Wall Works in Progress

Tower 8 & 9: PCC Works in Progress

Tata Goa Paradise is currently under construction and will be ready for possession by 2019. Considering the location advantage, smart floor planning and reasonable pricing of homes at Goa Paradise, affluent can explore it as a better option.

Tata Rivage Goa – An Array of Ultra-Refined Comforts

Following the success of its earlier projects in different parts of our country, Tata Housing is delighted to unveil Tata Rivage Goa apartments in South Goa. These luxury apartments in Goa facing the Zuari River, located in the beautiful village of Mormugao in Dabolim Goa nearby MES College, BITS Pilani campus.


Tata Housing Rivage Goa a new residential project in Goa is a mix of superb Goan architecture and modern technology being an ideal option for investment. Positioned within the southern part of the city, this residential project is constructed to cater to the standard of living of residents seeking the desirable mixture of urban luxury & true living. Holding the perfect natural attractiveness of the landscape and adding a touch of high-end modern living is the superb and customized features it offers.

Some architectural plans stand the test of time and turn into iconic. These 14 towers are the evidence of good taste and extraordinary aesthetic sense of the builder, the designer, the planner and ultimately, and people who chooses to live in them. Such will be the legacy of Tata Housing Goa. This special residential community will open the doors to a new way of living in Goa for you and your family, one that has never been practiced before.

At Tata Rivage Goa, Tata housing creates not mere houses for a healthy and pleasing living experience. Through a practice of understanding their clients’ needs, they develop spaces that add a sense of happiness and peace to your daily life. These luxury 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 BHK Luxury Apartments are designed at a level that can only be expressed as ‘lavish’ – with spacious interiors.

If you’re one of the privileged individuals who’ve roamed everywhere and practice everything, wouldn’t it be superb to come home to a place that detains your exploratory spirit, cool classiness and enthusiasm? This is your opportunity to have all that you’ve ever wanted in your dream home at Rivage Goa – spectacular views, outstanding architecture, the best leisure facilities and sufficient green spaces – all within a peaceful & a safe environment.

Tata Goa Paradise – A Haven With The Feel of Heaven

Goa is the topmost vacation destination of India. Not only from India people from abroad also visit in here to have fun.  The alluring beaches and rich flora and fauna of the place add charm to its beauty. The charm of the place will seduce you to be there if you haven’t and when you will be there the prettiness of the place will exert you to reside there forever. Though, whatever our heart desires not always becomes the reality but neither it is impossible to turn the desire into reality.


For instance, the desire of buying an abode in Goa has been in bucket list from the time I’ve been there. When the thought of having a home here popped up in my head it was merely a desire because I wasn’t financially strong enough to do that but after few years I accumulated enough capital through my regular hard work to be in a position where I can make my desires a reality; the desire to a own a piece of land in Goa. And, amongst several builders I made my decision to invest in topmost residential project by a well-reputed builder and the projects which discover matching my expectations is Tata Goa Paradise by Tata Housing.

For those who don’t know, “Tata Housing” is subdivision of India’s largest conglomerate “Tata” which is spread into several industries from engineering to consumer products to information systems and communication, etc.

Now, sharing the pompous facets of the project which tempted me finalize it from the moment I saw. It is proffering 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 BHK apartments inside in which I was attracted with 2 BHK option. The location of the project is also outstanding being Dabolim, Goa which is facing Zuari River and is in proximity of BITS Pilani Campus and Bogmallo Beach. It is outspread in astonishing 4.82 acres consisting of overwhelming greenery in its vicinity and best in the class amenities ensuring serene and luxurious lifestyle to the inhabitants. Goa International Airport is only 4 Kilometers from the space and Vasco Railway Station is 7 Kilometers away, proffering easy access to major cities of India and world.

So, if you are also looking for investing in Goa for residing or for any other purpose, it is an ideal deal. As this place is visited by umpteen of groups of people from time to time you also have the option for renting it out or you can buy an abode here and visit here on temporary basis from time to time like me to freshen up the senses and relaxing from the hustle and bustle of life.

Goa Paradise – Step in and feel big

Goa a beautiful city with sparkling fulsome features and also where captivating bleaches are icing on cake which gives another solid reason to make a permanent stay for a stunning stay.


North Goa is basically known for vast commercial hub and prime investment location where unexpected good returns give a satisfactory amount of returns in the future. And its good rentals and resale value scale up the bar of Goa and make it a place of benefits for all.

Whereas, South Goa is dedicated for holiday homes and residences, also property prices are less than north Goa. So this becomes your ideal and only investment destination to fetch exceptional homes which is there only in Goa, which is a peaceful city with beauty of greenery & water all around.

The basic idea of sharing this blog with you is to offer latest range of residential project “Goa Paradise” by Tata Housing (Well-known name in Realty sector) offering different blend of 1, 1.5 & 2 BHK Apartments which are spread over the area of 515-985 sqft. It is stretched over 4.82 acres of land that showcase each and every amenity beautifully and makes these beautiful homes a last destination to have a life like never before to garner right time with family.

This can become your own private piece of home in Goa where you will enjoy your stay or can make good money out if it every month or other than this, sell it when market peaks. As you know Goa is an attractive tourist destination cover with one side by foothills of the Sahyadri range and on the other by the Arabian Sea. Believe it or not, every year is packed with millions of tourist who come to enjoy nature so close by.

So Tata Goa Paradise homes can become your solid source of income in 5-7 years and you will be never regretting your wise investments decission.

In Goa this project is enjoying prime location Dabolim Goa, Next to MES College, with other benefits such as Goa International Airport, BITS Pilani campus, Vasco Railway Station and Bogmallo Beach all are within a comfortable distance, so while living with less effort one can utilize all the benefits and make utmost of it.